Curtain's are whats happening. They are
light weight. No hanger's or hooks needed.  
No picture frames on the walls, or holes in
the wall's.. Just slip them over the rod.
Your Pictures displayed on washable fabric.
Our products have the
home-made look
because they are hand
made with care.
Fully washable fabric
we use 250 count
thread  fabric
60% Cotton 40%
100% Polyester Batting
We've been in business
for over 10 years, and
now we are on the
Internet to reach more
customers. We add
new items often so
please come and brows
around again
...Wildlife Quilt /Wall
Hanging ...
This hanging was perfect to
cover a troublesome window
item # 2008
This Quilt was made
for my Mother on
March 18, 2008. It
has pictures of all
her children, her
parents, her siblings
and her husband on
it. It is perfect to
snuggle under while
watching TV,
reading a book or
just napping. Item #
2011 Green
Personalized Photo Quilts
This Quilt was a fun
one to make, a twin
size with Basset
Hounds galore.
...Thank You Autumn
Our Babies in their Car seats.
Pictures of one of our
Grand children    
Personalized Green Grocery
Meet Brenda, the heart and soul behind every creation shipped . Brenda
came from a time and place where people made their own. Sewing and
making things became a passion, and with over 3 decades of experience,
about ten years ago, that passion became a home based business. Brenda
also loves animals and watching her green thumb at work. The little guy you
see in the picture has already found a good home. Brenda rescues these
Beautiful little dogs.
Click the pictures throughout this site, to see a larger view.....Thank you,